‘Beach Please’ Song Feature- To The Point Music

“Beach Please” Song Feature Runaway Angel stirs up a cocktail of pop-country bliss with “Beach Please.” Sunny and infectious, it’s sure to be a summer anthem ready for beach-going excursions or even out to the wilderness somewhere. It’s all about soaking up the one life we’re given, and in this day and age, we could […]

‘Beach Please’ Behind The Song- Live In Limbo

“Beach Please” Single Review Runaway Angel is back and bolder than ever. For a decade, Ontario natives Cadence Grace, Ann Chaplin, and Stacey Zegers have been delivering hook-filled country harmonies and high energy shows together–all rooted in an unwavering friendship that is expressed through the pure joy of making music together. Their passion has built […]

Firsts, Favourites & Facts- Runaway Angel’s Fave Lyrics- Canadian Beats

Firsts, Favourites and Facts: Runaway Angel’s Fave Lyrics It’s time for another segment of Firsts, Favourites & Facts. This time we’ve asked a number of musicians what their favourite lyric (that they’ve written) is. There will be three parts to this segment, as we had an incredible response! Enjoy! CHECK OUT OTHER ARTISTS FAVE LYRICS […]

Runaway Angel is Back With Beach Please- Music City Magazine

Persistence brought the members of Canadian country trio Runaway Angel together initially in 2013, and a decade later, after major life changes, persistence kept brought them back together. Newly signed with Reve records, they have a new single “Beach Please” released just in time for summer listening. Cadence Grace and Ann Chaplin credit Stacey Zegers’s tenacity with bringing together the trio who were all working as solo artists.

Runaway Angel Returns- Weekdays With Murph Podcast

Hi listeners and welcome to another edition of Weekdays with Murph. Today on the show, we welcome back two-thirds of country music trio Runaway Angel. We’ll talk with Cadence and Ann about what they’ve been doing since the last time they were on, the band’s official return from hiatus, as well as new music.

‘Beach Please’ Interview- Music & Fashion Blog

This writing session was a bit outside of our normal process. We had never met Kate Malone before but we knew she was an excellent producer. We had a good chat and she played us some fun beats/tracks that she thought could be solid building blocks for a song.

Beach Please Single Review- Canadian Beats

“Beach Please” is a perfect escape from the daily grind, transporting listeners to a tropical paradise where worries melt away. This all-female trio brings an abundance of catchy melodies and infectious harmonies, crafting an uplifting anthem that will surely get toes tapping and ignite a yearning for sun-soaked escapades.