Band Besties

There is something so special about chasing your dreams, but it is elevated to another amazing level when your best friends are chasing the same dreams right alongside you! It's not always easy to take risks and lay your heart on the line for so long in the interest of reaching the end destination you seek.

I'm grateful for always knowing that when the challenges of life begin to temporarily take away from the joy I experience creating and performing music, Ann and Stacey are right there waiting to remind me that all the sacrifice and uncertainty is most definitely worth it. That's truly the best part about being in a Band with your Besties! We are each other's strength when we are feeling weakened. We are a safe harbour at all times, holding each other afloat through any storm. This week when I needed it most, I was sent a smily face pizza from Ann and Stacey and it reminded me how lucky and grateful I am to be chasing my dreams with two girls who I love like sisters, who never let me forget the joy we create when we're together. That's worth everything to me:)

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